Solefrutta purees, reserved for the HORECA sector, are ideal for the preparation of high quality dishes.

Practical and totally natural. Solefrutta purees, made for the HORECA sector, are ideal for the production of ice cream and fruit slushes.

Their use allows you to have the best non-frozen fruit available all year round, avoiding, in particular, the logistics costs associated with the cold chain.

In addition to being natural and genuine, Solefrutta purees are practical as they are kept at room temperature and, once opened, can be stored in the fridge and used in 4-5 days.

All tastes of goodness

Our purees are made using only fresh fruit, carefully selected, and processed within 48 hours of harvesting.

A production process that makes it possible to distinguish Solefrutta purees for the quality and goodness of the product.

Solefrutta purees contain 100% fruit and are free of preservatives, dyes and added sugars.

From Solefrutta only the best.

A world of 100% natural flavors

Different flavors to satisfy all palates. Unleash your creativity.

  • puree of oranges
  • puree of clementines
  • lemon puree
  • bergamot puree
  • cedar puree
  • strawberry puree
  • apricot puree
  • peach puree
  • fig puree
  • raspberry puree
  • blueberry puree
  • blackberry puree
  • berry puree
  • cherry puree
  • pear puree
  • grape puree
  • pomegranate puree