For 20 years we have been producing the best jams and marmalades using only strictly selected local raw materials


BIOAGRUMI of M. Pizzini is located in the south of Italy in Trebisacce (CS), a sunny seafaring town of about 10,000 inhabitants, in which a particular variety of orange is grown: the “Blond from Trebisacce”. The company was born from an idea of the owner, Massimo Pizzini, in February 2000, with the aim of enhancing one of the most important resources of the Calabrian territory: citrus fruits.

The main activity is to transform these precious fruits of nature within 48 hours of harvesting through transformation techniques that derive from the ancient Calabrian tradition according to the artisan recipes, using only top quality fruit and sugar.

The careful selection of the best raw materials, in fact, together with the quality orientation, verified at every stage of the manufacturing process, have contributed to making our products a food excellence widely appreciated by consumers. Fresh fruit is checked and traced at every stage of thesupply-chain in order to guarantee genuineness, high quality standards and transparency towards all our stakeholders.

Each marmalade and jam contains 82% of fresh fruit and we don’t use preservatives. These factors, together with a consolidated know-how in 20 years of passionate work, represent some of our core competences that differentiate us from our competitors.

The range of products is constantly updated thanks to the work of our team that periodically experiments with new tastes and combinations, with the aim of reaching the preferences of every consumer, in order to increase customer satisfaction.


Calabria with about 22,5% of the national citrus cultivation is one of the most important citrus producing regions of Italy: 61% of the area is represented by oranges, 25% by clementines and the remaining 14% by lemons, mandarins, grapefruit, bergamot and cedar.

For three types of citrus fruits, clementines, lemons and bergamots, the recognition of Community quality was obtained (IGP for clementines and lemons and PDO for bergamot).

In addition, Calabria compared to other Italian regions, thanks to the water reserves of the mountain basins, has a better water supply essential to ensure the high qualitative and quantitative standards of the product.