Offer your customers the taste and authenticity of Solefrutta products

Solefrutta also offers its products for the HoReCa sector (Ho tellerie-Restaurant-Ca). Whether you manage a hotel, a restaurant, a trattoria, a bar and the like or provide a catering service, you can make your customers taste the best of our products.

Contact us for more information on how to get our dispenser for the HORECA sector.

All our products are made with first choice fruit, transformed within 48 hours of harvesting.

A world, that of Solefrutta, which offers products with 82% fresh fruit .

Dispenser settore HoReCa - Solefrutta

Filling breakfast with our dispenser is
a simple sweet gesture

Request our dispenser for the HORECA sector. All Solefrutta dispensers allow you to properly dispense and store SoleFrutta products.
– Stainless steel dispenser and glass containers
Our dispensers are designed to be robust and long-lasting. The glass containers, easily washable if necessary, guarantee the adequate conservation of the product and respect the environment
– Original design
Solefrutta dispensers are equipped with a wooden and plexiglass base in which to place 1 to 3 jars. Maximum stability and ease of use. For special needs it is also possible to compose your own kit as you prefer.
– Practical and efficient
Our dispenser, easy to assemble and manage, allows your customers to fill their croissant with a simple gesture.
– Anti-waste
The Solefrutta dispenser avoids waste by dispensing the right amount of filling and eliminates the risk of theft of single-serving trays from the breakfast room.
– Easily sanitized
The dispenser can be disassembled and sanitized, even in the dishwasher, at the end of the day. Thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene.


All our products (jams, marmalades, spreads and purees) are handcrafted with the best fruit.

Our jams and marmalades contain 82% fruit and are free of preservatives.

You can choose what to serve your customers from

  • special flavors : a mix of goodness. A combination of several flavors such as, for example, clementines and licorice, apples and licorice and many others;
  • fruit and chocolate : the harmony of flavors suitable for the sweet tooth;
  • organic delights with fruit sugars only;
  • puree 100% only fruit < / a>.

Make our dispenser for the HORECA sector available to your customers and amaze them with the goodness of our products.

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